Delivery Route Planning and Optimization

Minimize the impact of human factors by fully automating the processes of planning of delivery routes. Wide functional parametric settings, ability to influence the scheduling algorithms, integration with the accounting systems, allows to solve the most difficult logistical challenges of large commercial and industrial companies.


Introducing new professional SAAS solution for logistics services

ILS PLUS - advanced analytical system for better management of transport delivery
ILS Plan
Automatic route planning
ILS Fact
Fact vs Plan analysis
ILS Mobile
Driver’s mobile application
ILS Safety
Driving behaviour monitoring

ILS Plus is designed to ensure the timely delivery of goods, the increase in profitability of transport services, as well as improving traffic safety. The ILS Plus for the first time implemented automatic routes scheduling for more than 100 parameters without any manual adjustments.

  • Several different scenarios of one-day route to choose from, taking into account reasonable risks
  • Free maps with regular updates
  • No-zones option for better optimisation
  • Customer Profitability Analysis
  • Plan-factanalysis to improve the quality and efficiency
  • Controlling the style of driving for traffic safety
  • Integration with popular accounting systems
  • Mobiledriver’s application for Android and iOS





The basic principle of the ILS plan is to minimize the impact of human factors by fully automating the processes of planning delivery routes. Through wide functional parametric settings, the ability to influence scheduling algorithms, and integration with accounting systems, ILS solves the most difficult logistical challenges of large commercial and industrial companies.

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ILS FACT – is a client-server application, which allows to control all the elements involved in the monitoring of vehicles.
Tracks the location and movement of vehicles, including the readings of various sensors (for example, fuel level, bodywork temperature etс).
The key functionality of the system is integration with delivery planning systems for comparing planned route indicators with actual ones, controlling compliance with the delivery schedule and the route of vehicle.

ILS Mobile

LS Mobile – modern mobile app for delivery drivers, for use on any device supported by the operating systems iOS and Android. Using the application greatly simplifies the work of the driver, as it provides convenient access to the delivery route with access to navigation systems, allows you to quickly mark completed tasks, as well as receive updates in case of changing the traffic schedule. Dispatchers ILS Mobile allows to keep in touch with the drivers and to have current information on the status of the route.

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ILS Safety

ILS Safety – control of driving style aimed at reducing risks while driving and creating a culture of safe driving behaviour. As a result of the introduction of this system, the level of compliance with the drivers of the optimal speed regime is substantially increased and, as a result, the costs for the operation of transport are reduced.

Industry solutions

The collection of raw materials for dairies, as well as the distribution of finished products has a specificity associated with strict deadlines for both the time of transportation and the delivery windows. We have accumulated extensive experience in the optimization of analytical systems ILS Plus for the needs of the industry and we meet the challenges of the leading producers of dairy products in Russia. We are happy to share with you our experience and can significantly optimize the cost of logistics and provide you with the highest level of service.


Manage delivery of fuel and lubricants to a distributed network of petrol stations – a task requiring special knowledge and experience. Having projects of implementing analytical delivery management system in the leading Russian companies, we guarantee that its application greatly simplifies the process of logistics planning, reduces the overall length of the routes, reduces costs and ensures the timely delivery of different types of lubricants by special transport.


Distribution companies have to constantly optimize logistics costs in order to successfully compete in a reduction in margins and constantly improve customer service level. Properly implement business processes that can provide the necessary balance between reducing the cost of delivery and maintaining a high quality of service is difficult. Our experience with leading Russian distribution companies allows us to say with confidence that ILS Plus has all the necessary functions for the solution of such problems. Our system allows for almost all possible factors faced by distribution companies in the management of logistics, including an extensive network of warehouses and customers, use of different types of transport, restrictions on loading and unloading, the possibility of delivery of cargoes and so on.


The task of collecting urban garbage requires the solution of complex logistics tasks, conditioned by the specifics of this activity. Large fleet of special vehicles, limited loading windows, the need to use detailed maps with accurate data on the approach to the houses, all this creates additional requirements for route control systems and certainly requires deep optimization for these tasks. We have implemented a number of major projects to optimize the logistics of urban garbage collection and you can be sure that we will offer you the most effective solution to this problem.


ILS ONLINE – professional SAAS solution for logistics services, small and medium size industrial and distribution companies. Automatic planning of delivery routes, plan-fact analysis, as well as driving safety control system significantly distinguish this solution from the competition. To use this service, you do not need to install any special software or hardware. A large number of settings will allow you to optimize the system for the requirements of your business in order to ensure the maximum cost savings for delivery while respecting the required level of service quality.