Intelogis is a Russian developer of automatic control systems for transport logistics.
  • 15
    years of experience in the market
  • 250
  • 1500
    implemented projects
  • 12000



Intelogis was founded in 2013 and until 2017 was called “Intelligent logistics systems.”

The founders of the business are experts in the field of transport logistics and have been active in this market since 2003.

Since the foundation, the team has set itself the goal of creating the most modern logistics management system on the market.

Relying on the extensive experience of key experts and attracting to work on the project the best professionals in the development of IT products, the company has managed to create the first route management system, fully operating in automatic mode.

The basic concept of the company’s products – minimizing the influence of the human factor in solving complex computational problems. Thanks to full automation, the company’s customers have the opportunity to significantly improve the management of their fleet, reduce shipping costs and improve the quality of service.

Today, Intelogis – is a well-coordinated team of experts in their field, which has more than 50 employees and provides services in Russia and the CIS.

The nearest plans of the company include expansion of business on other markets. Already today the first test projects are being conducted in Europe and Latin America.